International Exchange

Discrimination based on body weight is one of the most frequently observed forms of discrimination internationally. Despite this, adequate legal protection for fat people exists almost nowhere in the world. “Weight” is not a protected discrimination category at the federal level of antidiscrimination law in a single country worldwide. Fat Studies researchers and activists agree that this situation is unacceptable and needs to change. So far, however, activist groups have been fighting largely in isolation, each in their own country.

We at the Association against Weight Discrimination are thinking of planning a project to bring together activist efforts to improve legal protection for fat people in an international exchange. What is the concrete legal and social situation in which country? Which activist efforts have brought what success so far? Where can we learn from each other and perhaps also from other marginalized groups? How can we cooperate internationally, on the level of the EU and worldwide, to effect legal protection and fat rights? Are you a researcher, politician or activist interested in such an exchange?

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